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Thank you for your interest in joining AEGIS our recruitment needs are as follows MAGE-High WARRIOR-High CLERIC-High ROGUE-Low
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Welcome to the web page of AEGIS on Silkweb shard.

I wanted to send out a warm welcome to all of the fellow headstarters who have joined Aegis over the last few days.

From speaking with the players, it seems as though we have a mix of highly experienced players with MMO history, as well as newcomers to the genre - who have found intrigue and wonder in this new system.

I myself started back in the days of original Everquest, and lead the guild Fama Volat on the Karana/Rathe server for 7 years.  We took part in numerous server firsts, as well as a number of worldwide top 5 kills during the post Vishimitar era.  I was a gladiator in WoW, and certainly the prospect of warfronts interest me as well.

I think we all have long term goals and aspirations of succeeding in expert dungeons and raids with a reliable core group of people.  For the time being however, most of us are leveling, adventuring, and enjoying the fresh air that RIFT has brought to us.  <Aegis> itself, may not be for everyone, but with inevitable ebb and flow of members, I believe time will tell - and we will make our mark on our Shard.

A warm welcome to you all again, and I hope to enjoy our future progress together!

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CPizm, Apr 29, 11 9:21 AM.
GSB Saturday! Went awesome We downed first boss and worked on second. good work to everyone in the raid!!!

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